Why is Internet Traffic so Important for Your Business?

Hi folks!

Why is internet traffic so essential for my business, you ask?

If you aren’t getting traffic, your web page is bound to get lost in the vastness of the internet and perhaps, never found.

Every website needs internet traffic and even if your website is made very well, if you are not getting traffic, you won’t be producing sales or achieving your end goal with your company.internet traffic boost

Many individuals forget that it is individuals who view your web page and do business with you on the internet.

In the end, your web page and business will not survive without steady internet traffic flow from the right market.

There are many reasons why you need to consider the importance of traffic, and here are three of them:

Why Internet Traffic is important:

  • You need to produce more focused traffic to produce more income, eventually.internet traffic site
  • Traffic from targeted customers, or individuals who are enthusiastic about what you are promoting or selling, are more likely to stay and refer your web page to others.
  • An improvement in how long a person usually spends on your page increases the likelihood that they will sign up for your content or to receive your promotional material, allowing you to market to them long-term.

How Do You Get More Website Internet Traffic?

internet traffic salesIn order to improve your internet traffic, there are several things you can do. Some of these include making sure you always have top quality material, and also new material regularly.

You can also use public media to your advantage by listing your website on Twitter, Face book or other popular social networking sites to drive individuals to your web page.

The most fundamental and effective way to improve free website internet traffic is by improving all of your material for Google.

This allows the individuals who are most enthusiastic about your website, or the focused customers, to find your website. Ultimately, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the biggest factor in producing long term success of your business.

 A common false impression about internet traffic is that any traffic is good traffic. Remember that you are not trying to attract everyone to your website but individuals who are enthusiastic about your topic or what you are promoting.internet traffic formula action page

Of course, you can generate income with greater traffic, in most cases, with greater volume but it will be temporary and unforeseen. Many successful marketers know that driving focused traffic to your website will produce the most long-term income.

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Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at www.partnerwithus123.com

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Internet Traffic Formula – First Look

Hey folks!

This just out, Empower Network is coming out with a new internet marketing tool design to make it easier for us to do our business.

So what is this internet tool? =====>>>It’s the internet traffic formula!<<<=====

internet traffic formula tool

Watch this short video to learn more

What is the Internet Traffic Formula?

Internet Traffic Formula Revealed

internet traffic imageWe all know that it’s traffic that drives the internet and determines if your blog site is worth visiting or not.

NOW, the guys at Empower Network have come up with a sure fire hit that will make it easier for its member to drive or generate traffic into their site.

They have made it extremely easy and possible to get the online visibility that many internet marketers so desire, which in turn would translate to leads and these leads will turn to actual sales in the end!

How many of us dreamt of a successful online business?

ALL of us right?

With the internet traffic formula, all the essential secrets and effective strategies that will quickly funnel traffic onto your site will be revealed and applied to the fullest.

Now there’s no more guessing on what will work and what won’t.

With the internet traffic formula, you’ll know the right formula that will translate to leads and leads into sales!

It’s that easy!

internet traffic formula logoIt’s time to maximize your potential by using the internet traffic formula on all your online marketing strategies.

Now you can definitely zone in on what will be effective – which means that there’s no more second guessing the methods to use.

You can save more money, time, and effort with the internet traffic formula.

You might be wondering if the internet traffic formula is just for professional online marketer, the answer is a resounding NO!

The internet traffic formula is geared towards all those who want to generate income using online marketing.

You can use the internet traffic formula if:

  • You are unsure on how to begin your online marketing strategy.
  • If you are just starting to market your product online.
  • If you want to generate more leads.

internet traffic action page


Oh by the way, Empower Network will be launching the internet traffic formula next month, so if I were you register now, be an early bird and enjoy them perks!

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Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at www.partnerwithus123.com

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Simple Tips for Effective Marketing

Hi folks!

How many of us, in our ongoing quest for the most effective marketing techniques out there, have tried all the recommendations, suggestions, tricks and tips we come upon online?

effective marketing goals

Some might have worked fine, others not really.

If you’re still on the lookout for what could be considered as effective marketing tips, read on.

Effective Marketing Tips

effective marketing onlineEffective Marketing Tips to Remember:

  • Look for some low-cost ways you can improve the recognized value of your products or services. Then test the market by increasing your price. Don’t be amazed if both your item sales and your profit margin increase.
  • Try to restrict your client’s selection to either “Yes. I’ll buy.” or “No. I won’t buy”. Don’t risk driving them away by such as “which one” choices. The more choices you offer, the more likely some clients will hesitate and never decide causing you to negate a possible sale and this go against effective marketing.
  • You can illustrate a low cost scheme for your products or services by splitting down the cost to its smallest time increment. For example, “Enjoy all of this for less than 90 cents a day” (for something that costs $325).
  • Add a bonus to every item sales deal just before sealing the deal. It stops clients from any second thoughts, this is effective marketing in action.
  • Print your best small ad on a postcard and email it to leads in your target market. Post cards are affordable and easy to use. Most individuals who neglect other types of effective marketing strategies that will study a brief ad when it’s sent to them on a postcard.marketing techniques
  • Prospects who ask concerns are usually close to purchasing. Take advantage of this. Don’t just response to their query right away. Include of a reason for them to buy as part of your response. Then ask them to buy or tell them exactly what to do to place their order.image marrketing
  • Include “benefits” news on all your websites. Many guests reach a web page then instantly simply click away unless something instantly grabs their interest.
  • Continually analyze and assess everything you use or do to advertise your business. Spend 80 % of your marketing price range to confirmed special offers. Use the other 20 % for examining new modifications.

Bonus Tip:

Handle client problems easily and with a beneficial mind-set. Endeavor to protect your connection with them instead of your immediate benefit from the deal.

They will compensate you with do it again item sales and recommendations instead of penalizing you by informing everybody they know about their disappointed experience and resulting in losing possible future clients.effective marketing tools

Each of these marketing guidelines provides a simple, low-cost way for you to increase your item sales easily. All you have to do is to put them into practice.

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Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at www.partnerwithus123.com

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Do You Have These Marketing Tools?

Hey folks, if you have been closely monitoring our progressive take on the different marketing tools that I find very useful for any business endeavor; then you’d be delighted to find more information on today’s post.

online marketing tools

I’ve compiled some of the most user friendly and at the same time most indispensible marketing tools that every aspiring marketer should know and use.

Most Useful Marketing tools

An Organization Website

marketing tools wrenchYour web page is the first impression of your business for many of your clients. You can take advantage of this one of the best  marketing tools by making it a good one.

Offer details about your products or services in a clear, attractive, and user-friendly structure, and keep the site easy to navigate and well structured.

Make your content useful, and don’t forget to give contact details so leads can get in touch.

Regional/Local Search

These days, many people prefer to do their research online before buying. Make sure your business is listed on local internet search engine like Google Regional and Google Charts so that when clients in your area look for what you sell, your business comes up near the search engine results.

Public/Social Media

Facebook, Tweeter, and LinkedIn are marketing tools that provide free ways for any home-based business to have a big presence and link with clients and leads. Try out these and other social media resources, and evaluate which ones work best for your business.

Situation Studies

Case research isn’t just for medical applications. Studies of your products in action can help prospective clients understand how your business can benefit them. This will allow them for making knowledgeable choices before they buy.


news marketing toolsCreate a monthly e-newsletter, and deliver it out to clients who have signed up to receive details from you. There are many companies and resources that keep it uncomplicated to develop, manage, and deliver an e-newsletter.

Blogging is one of the best Marketing tools

Blogging is a useful gizmo for service-based businesses that can entice clients by showing market expertise. Make your own blog using easy software like WordPress or Web-based posting resources.

You can also ask established blog writers in your market if you post your blog articles to their websites.


Getting mentioned in the press is often more efficient than pay per click in effective clients to use your business. Research how to set up an efficient news release, and then target your produces to the appropriate press, whether that’s magazines, tv and radio sites, or blogs.

Online Programs

Online affiliate applications are a cost-effective way to market your products to a variety of prospective clients. You get the benefits of a commission-based sales team without the hassle of handling workers.


Referrals are a great, no-cost way to entice new clients. Providing incredible customer support will ensure that you end up with satisfied clients. Motivate your clients to refer you to their co-workers and friends.

So there you go, although the list may not be full extensive, still these tools are common and most useful.

internet marketing tools

Tell me what you think, leave a comment below.

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Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at www.partnerwithus123.com

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You Control Your Life

Hey folks!

How many of you have been given the privilege to do exactly what you want in life?

How many can confidently say that you control your life?

In what manner and how extensive is the degree that you are able to take control of your life?

Watch this short video to learn more

You can control Your Life

control your life nowYou control your life in these areas

Decision making

One significant area that you can control your life, or must definitely take control, is in this area.

This might seem like a no brainer, but hey, trust me; it’s more complicated than what it appears.


For one, there will always be many factors to consider with regard to the whole decision making process.

What are these factors?

  • Family – among the many factors that can definitely hinder you from taking full control of your life is your family. This is really understandable as they are an integral part of your life, your being, but, if you want to take control of your life, you must sometimes make the hard decision of doing what you want and what you know will guarantee success regardless of what your family may think or say.
  • Environment – this refers to everything outside of your family. Outside stimuli, outside forces that can influence the way that you control your life. These may not necessarily be bad but still they can sway the way you make your decision and control your life.


control your life logoYou can control your life in what you choose. You can’t let others simply choose for you. You must take the initiative and exert a lot of effort if you want to take control of your life.

Choosing the right thing takes a lot of trial and error process, but it’s all part of learning, all part of being wiser later on.

Let’s take the voting process for example; there are a lot of choices, a lot of voices that want to sway you away from the choice you want to make.

You can and may consider these voices and even the choice they want you to take, BUT this is where you need to draw the line and control your life.

Learning to take control of your life can start at an early age, when faced with the simple choice of choosing the candy you want to eat inside a candy store.

control your life image

As simple as that, until the proper mindset has been established later on in life, you need to take control of your life.

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Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at www.partnerwithus123.com

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I sing and play Autumn Leaves in my Free Time

Hey folks!

What do you do during your free time?

Is it something productive that generates money? Or it is something entertaining?

free time clock

Whatever that may be, what is important is that you are enjoying what you’re doing.

As for me, while I’m waiting for my residual income from my online business, I sing and play autumn leaves during my free time.

Watch this short video to learn more

Earn Money during Your Free Time

free time logoIf you have a free time, make money now!

  1. One of the best ways to create additional cash in your free time is by using the internet. Why not create some content for this any site that is willing to hire you. Yes if you create content for any site during your free time you can generate additional money!
  2. You can also create additional cash in your free time by blogging. If you have a blog sign up with companies like Pay per Post to get paid to blog. You can also place ads on your website to generate additional cash.
  3. Another way to generate income in your free time is to turn your interests into a side job. Are you an excellent photographer? If so take family images in your free time to generate additional cash. Are you excellent with website designs?Then promote your skills and generate additional cash designing blog layouts. Can you play an instrument? Put an ad in your local newspaper and generate income teaching music lessons.
  4. Be creative and use your natural abilities to generate additional cash in your free time. If you use your strengths and think outside the box you will be earning additional cash in no time!

I am sure everybody has a free time, be sure to make the most of it by using it productively and wisely.

free time now

If you have any comments, be sure to leave it below.


Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at www.partnerwithus123.com

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Free Coaching Online

Hey folks, if you have been frequenting this site, you are well aware that I do a variety of things online to help anyone who needs free coaching on how to effectively do their online marketing.

free coaching now

I offer my insights on what marketing tools to use, how to use them and when to use them. I do this because I want to impart what I know as effective and successful to anyone who is willing to learn and has a goal, a goal of succeeding in any online endeavor that they want to pursue.

Free Coaching Now

free coaching logoAs you may have already known if you’re a regular on this site, there are a lot of tools that I employ to help me do my online marketing.

You can browse my extensive list to get a free coaching on the many techniques involve in network marketing, online marketing and even working from home.

Free Coaching Starts with You

There are at least four important considerations if you want to get the most out of my free coaching online.

Open Mind

To benefit a lot from my free online coaching, you must be willing to accept what may sound new to you. These may sometimes include unorthodox methods of doing your online marketing or even setting up your online business or even working from home, aside from those proven methods of course.


After having an open mind, I believe this comes next. My free coaching online requires a lot of enthusiasm on your part.

Enthusiasm is important because it will fuel the desire to continue with the initial spark that you have. How many times have you started off with a really big bang only to lose steam half-way into the journey?

Having enthusiasm is critical because it is the fire that burns your passion.

Firm Resolve

free coaching logoI’ve seen a lot of online marketers who started to do something great initially, then halfway through the program would find something in which they think is better and would jump ship right away. They get easily swayed into the next big thing.

I find this really disconcerting and very detrimental to the whole process.

In my free internet coaching, I always emphasize the importance of staying on course, building momentum, having the endurance and resilience to pursue your objectives.

Right Mindset

In my many years of doing internet marketing and promoting a lot of internet tools, I came across a wide variety of types of folks, from the positive ones to the die-hard cynics.

From my standpoint, I look for those who are capable of having a positive and right mindset towards the whole process.

Having a negative mindset is like throwing a wrench in the cogs, it results in a major disaster for everyone.

free coaching image

In concluding, if you want to fully enjoy the perks of my free online coaching, be sure to have these traits in varying degree and order.

 Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at www.partnerwithus123.com

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Doing What You Like

Hey folks, allow me to ask this fundamental query – how many of you are able to do what you like in your lives?

This question is not only aimed on your personal life but most importantly in terms of career and business.

How many of us have the ability to mix business with pleasure?

what you like

Not the usual pleasure that we have come to know about, but pleasure in terms that you are able to enjoy and do what you like while doing the business at the same time.

I’ve came up a simple parameter to help you distinguish what you need to do in doing what you like.

Doing What You Like While Building Your Business

do what you like

Doing what you like should be Fun

The most important parameter to consider in doing what you like is that it should be full of fun.

Without this first factor, all the rest will be difficult to do and probably very cumbersome as well.

When it’s fun, it takes away the anxiety and stress, and in choosing to do the thing you like doing, nothing is better than choosing the one that is fun.


excitedThis would probably be the biggest determining factor on whether doing what you like will be a waste of time or not. (Especially in building your business).

Choosing an activity that you like doing must not only be fun but should likewise be productive.

This will set the difference between doing a pure leisure activity from a money generating one.

Long Lasting

Doing what you like to do should have a long lasting life span as well. It should not be short lived otherwise it would defeat the very purpose of why it should be fun and productive.

Think of an idea that will not only impact the immediate future but would last a long time as well.

This is very important too.

What coud you enjoy doing that earns and could be depended on for a long time?

If you can answer this question then you’re on your way to a great adventure.

Doing what you like should not be all just about whittling, but rather, something that’ll have the capacity to earn money for you.

what you like logo

Start setting up something that will be fun, productive and long lasting that you enjoy doing. This can range anywhere from a simple hobby like gardening, home based business or even anything as long as the parameters are present.

Earning money shouldn’t have to be a drugery but must be enjoyable!


Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at www.partnerwithus123.com

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Boost your Internet Marketing Now

Hey folks, did you know that Internet/online marketing is better over traditional promotion in that it is less expensive, you reach more people, you promote 24/7, you can customize the promotion, there is improved interaction, and you can easily track results.internet marketing image

Your internet marketing strategy appears to be more efficient if you follow the newest styles. So, what techniques will make your internet marketing strategy efficient in 2014?

The Latest in Internet Marketing

Go Mobile with your Internet Marketing

internet marketing devicesSince more and more people are using cellular phones to get connected to the internet you can try using a responsive web design.

Responsive web design allows you to make a web page that can be used across all Internet-enabled gadgets.

The use of cellular phone applications like Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and WeChat is also increasing and you should take advantage of it in 2014 via internet marketing.

Content is still number one

Your material should be information-rich and it should deal with the needs of your target niche when doing internet marketing.

 Great material not only brands you out as an effective online fellow, but it also allows you to develop commitment among your visitors.

Do keyword and key phrase marketing.

Add visual contents as well.

internet marketing contentProduce just the right amount of video material because research has found out that video material has continually outperformed text-based contents last year in internet based marketing.

Suppliers are confirming more income from Pinterest forums in comparison to Facebook or myspace content and twitter content.

Make a YouTube account and link it to your web page if you don’t have one already.

You should also take advantage of such new micro-video programs as SnapChat and Vine.

Use Paid Public Ads

Industry gamers were expecting that social press would destroy paid ads.

The truth is, however, that companies that are using paid social ads are getting better outcomes in comparison to those that simply have Facebook or myspace Fan webpages, YouTube records, and Tweeter supporters.

Paid social ads are better than conventional paid ads such as Google AdWords because you get further user agreement.

As an example, an Adroll research reveals that Facebook or myspace ads provide you with 49 times more mouse clicks than such right-hand part ads on Google.

You should make your SEO strategy more local.

internet marketing landpage

This allows you to be able to connect to people who are more likely to know the place of your business.

Location centered internet marketing through Mobile phones really made it big in 2013 and the pattern is sure to improve in 2014.

So there it is, if you want the latest in internet marketing, consider this timely tip now.


Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at www.partnerwithus123.com

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Action is the Missing Ingredient

Hi folks! With all the motivation, proper mindset, goal setting and all other self motivational guides online, I figure one key missing ingredient that is important to all of these is action.

Action is sometimes the missing ingredient that will put all of these thoughts into a concrete movement.

Watch this short video to learn more

Ready, set, Action

take action nowKeep these handy tips in mind to produce the much needed action.

Really like what you do when you take action

This is the key to the whole thing, really. You have to concentrate on what you like about the whole set up and make the necessary action.

Discover a niche you appreciate, and every day will be an amazing experience.

Establish your objectives and put together a strategy to accomplish them

Research has shown that only 3 % of people write down their objectives and work their lives around those objectives to accomplish them.

This is critical because it can create the distinction between a lifestyle of continuous battle and one loaded with abundance when you take action.

Think of yourself as an “act now” person

action manCreate an image of yourself in your thoughts as an “act now,” take-action kind of guy. Do whatever it requires to stay in that image.

If you think of yourself as an eco-friendly type of guy, you’ll be less likely to litter.

If you think of yourself as a person who doesn’t sit all day and wait for things to occur, you’ll be more likely to take action.

Set up a compensation program for yourself

 Once you complete writing something, treat yourself to a simple invigorating walk or to a fine dining at your preferred cafe.

If you are able to follow the self-marketing or writing routine for 7 days or 30 days, reward yourself by buying something online or going on a much needed vacation.

Be accountable to others

Bond up with someone and keep each other accountable for the routine of accomplishment you’ve planned out for yourselves.

Don’t let things slide just because you are buddies.

Treat them like they’re a customer.get started action

You need to set a deadline to this with the same urgency as with the ones set for actual customers.

Taking action should also be a consistent move on your part if you want to see the fruit of your labor.


Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at www.partnerwithus123.com

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