Working at Home while Playing East of the Sun

Hey folks!

Working at home surely has its perks!

It accords a lot of benefits for the home worker like me; I can be productive while playing guitar and singing – which is something I can’t do if I’m still working in the office. (You know the feeling that your boss is looking over your shoulders?)

Watch this short video of me playing east of the sun

Working at Home is a Plus!

working at home logoBenefits of working at home

You can see your pets

Working from home means you can watch over your dogs and cats! It’s confirmed that being around these adoring creatures decreases your level of stress and keeps those lonely emotions away.

You feel like your own boss

Working from home gives you a feeling of independence and, while you might still be officially working for someone else, it makes you believe that you are in control and are your own manager.

The convenience of your own home

Your home is the most comfortable place there is. Being able to perform from such a comfortable site can be amazing but it does come with its own set of problems. Sometimes mixing your workplace with your personal area can cause some frictions for some people.

working at home logoTo help keep a lid on this, it is better that you draw the line by working in a space in your home which will be far from where other family members would linger.

It’s also excellent to get out of the house at nights. This breaks up the boredom of working / enjoying in the same area.

If you mind the threats and safety measures, the advantages can definitely over-shadow the expenses here.

Tranquility when you need it

When you are working in a populated workplace, it’s sometimes difficult to evade the entire gossip and background disturbances. Personally, I get distracted by a lot of noise. When I’m working at home I have the power to stop my songs, sit alone when I need to.

Never think that the manager is looking over your shoulder

When you are free to hop on Facebook or mySpace and Tweeter as much as you want without the worry of being caught by a micromanaging manager, you will find that you do it significantly less.working at home icon

This actually results in a more comfortable workplace where you invest shorter period goofing around and trying to cover up it and a longer period getting things done.working a thome button

Well there you go folks, I definitely would recommend working at home to everyone who is wants to generate cash!

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