The Shift from anti Inflammatory Drugs and Ointment to Food Supplements

anti inflammatory drugsSometimes,  our tried and tested anti inflammatory drug and ointment  just don’t provide the relief that we are in dire need of. We are left wondering if somewhere along the way the formulation has been changed or that our ailment has just gotten worse with time.

Usually there’s no change in the formulation but rather our ailment has just gotten worse and worse with each passing time and our anti inflammatory drug and ointment just can’t bring in the relief anymore.

If like me, you’re one of the million individuals that suffers from pain and swelling from time to time due to bone or joint ailments, or some form of disease that hampers our mobility and daily activities that our anti inflammatory drug or ointment can’t fix, then it’s about time to look for the next best solution, right?

Food Supplements – Your Anti Inflammatoty Drugs in Disguise

You may be wondering why shift from anti inflammatory drugs and ointment to food supplements?

The Answer is Easier Than You Think

  • Your favorite anti inflammatory drug and ointment provides relief when your ailment strikes, food supplements on the other hand helps boost the immune system to prevent the attack of the ailment.
  • Food supplements contain the necessary vitamins and minerals that can successfully block all the hormones that are responsible for signaling the body to react to pain and swelling. They do this in the cellular level while most anti inflammatory drugs and ointment are topical in nature.
  • Food supplements are usually formulated to boost the body’s immune system against a lot of possible attacks from the lack of necessary vitamins and important nutrients that a healthy body needs daily, most anti inflammatory drugs and ointment are formulated to provide relief for a specific ailment only.
  • Food supplements works better than your anti inflammatory drugs and ointment because food supplements helps the body rejuvenate, re grow and repair itself. Anti inflammatory drugs and ointment on the other hand just provides temporary relief from chronic pain or ailment.
  • Food supplement helps condition the body by providing most of the nutrients that we lack because of poor food choices.

Ocean Avenue

Ocean Avenue is a food supplements company whose mission is to help realize the ideal overall healthy state for its consumer by providing products that are effective, natural and most of all are priced competitively.

At Ocean Avenue, some of the foods supplements products are geared not only to provide temporary relief, like most anti inflammatory drugs and ointment, but more importantly, they help the body attain an overall superb condition.

In Essence

Shifting from anti inflammatory drugs and ointment to food supplements is the best decision you’ll ever make that concerns your overall physical and mental health. Aside from the tremendous health benefits these food supplements offer, it also gives you the chance to earn a lot of money on the side.

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