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If you have a mobile phone, chances are (or should I claim most definitely) you can blog from the gadget without the need to go to your trusty lap top or desk top. Mobile blogging has now been made available thanks to this superb blogging system aptly called the blog beast by Empower Network.

The Art of Mobile Blogging

Mobile Blogging is in

mobile blogging

A lot of blog services currently sustain mobile blogging (aka moblogging) via e-mail, phone, and content messages (aka SMS and MMS) which could make blogging on the go easier without the requirement of a Wi Fi network or a pc.

Now, it has gotten easier, mobile blogging can now be achieve via the blog beast from Empower Network, this new blogging system has made things a lot, and I mean a lot simpler for all of us who are not so tech-inclined.

The Power of Two Clicks

With Empower Network’s mighty blogging system – blog beast, mobile blogging, meaning using your mobile device to post any articles complete with video, audio, images and text form is easily done with just two clicks!

It’s that simple!

No need for techie stuff that scares the hell out of us who are just your ordinary small business owners, internet marketers, online marketers or just for us hobbyists looking for a user friendly blogging platform to express our ideas and um- even frustrations out to the world.

It’s a Complete Blogging System


The blog beast has finally bridge the gap between the pro bloggers and the amateurs with its easy and simple to use mobile blogging system. It’s so simple and easy that even your grandma can figure it out. (Much to your grandpa’s annoyance)

This new blogging system is complete with back office training and assistance, yup, even for the mobile blogging part it’s completely available.

The part of this mobile blogging system is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to sign up to, the cost is set for minimum but the results are geared towards the maximum!

get ready

So hurry now and join us for a second to none all-to-easy mobile blogging system that can guarantee to put you in the online community map for the whole world to see!

Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at

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