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Hey folks, if you have been frequenting this site, you are well aware that I do a variety of things online to help anyone who needs free coaching on how to effectively do their online marketing.

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I offer my insights on what marketing tools to use, how to use them and when to use them. I do this because I want to impart what I know as effective and successful to anyone who is willing to learn and has a goal, a goal of succeeding in any online endeavor that they want to pursue.

Free Coaching Now

free coaching logoAs you may have already known if you’re a regular on this site, there are a lot of tools that I employ to help me do my online marketing.

You can browse my extensive list to get a free coaching on the many techniques involve in network marketing, online marketing and even working from home.

Free Coaching Starts with You

There are at least four important considerations if you want to get the most out of my free coaching online.

Open Mind

To benefit a lot from my free online coaching, you must be willing to accept what may sound new to you. These may sometimes include unorthodox methods of doing your online marketing or even setting up your online business or even working from home, aside from those proven methods of course.


After having an open mind, I believe this comes next. My free coaching online requires a lot of enthusiasm on your part.

Enthusiasm is important because it will fuel the desire to continue with the initial spark that you have. How many times have you started off with a really big bang only to lose steam half-way into the journey?

Having enthusiasm is critical because it is the fire that burns your passion.

Firm Resolve

free coaching logoI’ve seen a lot of online marketers who started to do something great initially, then halfway through the program would find something in which they think is better and would jump ship right away. They get easily swayed into the next big thing.

I find this really disconcerting and very detrimental to the whole process.

In my free internet coaching, I always emphasize the importance of staying on course, building momentum, having the endurance and resilience to pursue your objectives.

Right Mindset

In my many years of doing internet marketing and promoting a lot of internet tools, I came across a wide variety of types of folks, from the positive ones to the die-hard cynics.

From my standpoint, I look for those who are capable of having a positive and right mindset towards the whole process.

Having a negative mindset is like throwing a wrench in the cogs, it results in a major disaster for everyone.

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In concluding, if you want to fully enjoy the perks of my free online coaching, be sure to have these traits in varying degree and order.

 Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at

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