Follow Your Passion

When you’re following your passion, you don’t have to wait for retired life to be happy. Passion equates to joy and happiness.

What does passion looks like?

It looks a little something similar to this: awakening refreshed, being excited for work because it doesn’t really feel like real “work,” wishing to share what you’re achieving with others, really feeling absolutely pleased on the inside and wishing to scream from the roofs.

You’re that satisfied because you are following your passion.

Why You Should Follow Your Passion

Your Passion is Your Life


Just how do you set about living a passion-driven lifestyle?

Start by complying with these 4 simple steps:

  • Jot down your core values (a.k.a. concepts and ideas that you obey).
  • Document just what you adore to do: leisure activities, side projects, etc
  • Include your core values to your leisure activities and write down what jobs have both.
  • Pursue careers (or create your own!) that involve both your values and your leisure activities. (Values + pastimes = interest.).

Many of us miss this straightforward formula. It’s that easy; there’s absolutely nothing to overcomplicate. You can even begin by asking a few questions. For example, if you’re in an occupation you despise, why are you still there? If your 9-to-5 job is offering you light to extreme depression or anxiety is it worth it to stay?



Don’t agree to an occupation that undermines your skills, talents, values and ideas.

A paycheck might be a means to an end, but an income is not worth losing your core identity over AND MOST ESPECIALLY YOUR PASSION.

Learn to Follow Your Passion

Don’t quit on your passion for a “smarter” path. That “brilliant” career might wind up buying you everything your heart wishes, yet it will not give you happiness. Your time is significant and it should have to be spent sensibly.

You should always follow your passion.

If you need to dig that bachelor’s degree from your closet to remind you what your passion was a few years back, dig it out.

Look for that microphone, that cape, that diary or that paintbrush. Make an initiative to find what you used to enjoy and what used to matter to you and what your passion is truly is. That’s the only actual means for you to uncover your core values and beliefs and passion.

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It’s never ever too late get off the success pendulum. You have the best power to determine when to begin living your life. Your employer, companion or friend can’t determine that for you. Only you can. Follow where your passion will take you!

Be courageous. Be enthusiastic. Follow your passion!

Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at

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