Doing What You Like

Hey folks, allow me to ask this fundamental query – how many of you are able to do what you like in your lives?

This question is not only aimed on your personal life but most importantly in terms of career and business.

How many of us have the ability to mix business with pleasure?

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Not the usual pleasure that we have come to know about, but pleasure in terms that you are able to enjoy and do what you like while doing the business at the same time.

I’ve came up a simple parameter to help you distinguish what you need to do in doing what you like.

Doing What You Like While Building Your Business

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Doing what you like should be Fun

The most important parameter to consider in doing what you like is that it should be full of fun.

Without this first factor, all the rest will be difficult to do and probably very cumbersome as well.

When it’s fun, it takes away the anxiety and stress, and in choosing to do the thing you like doing, nothing is better than choosing the one that is fun.


excitedThis would probably be the biggest determining factor on whether doing what you like will be a waste of time or not. (Especially in building your business).

Choosing an activity that you like doing must not only be fun but should likewise be productive.

This will set the difference between doing a pure leisure activity from a money generating one.

Long Lasting

Doing what you like to do should have a long lasting life span as well. It should not be short lived otherwise it would defeat the very purpose of why it should be fun and productive.

Think of an idea that will not only impact the immediate future but would last a long time as well.

This is very important too.

What coud you enjoy doing that earns and could be depended on for a long time?

If you can answer this question then you’re on your way to a great adventure.

Doing what you like should not be all just about whittling, but rather, something that’ll have the capacity to earn money for you.

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Start setting up something that will be fun, productive and long lasting that you enjoy doing. This can range anywhere from a simple hobby like gardening, home based business or even anything as long as the parameters are present.

Earning money shouldn’t have to be a drugery but must be enjoyable!


Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at

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