Do Not Reinvent the Wheel

To reinvent the wheel is to duplicate a standard technique that has actually been made or optimized by others before. It is frequently used in software development and other engineering disciplines.

The inspiration for this idiomatic metaphor hinges on the fact that the wheel is the archetype of human resourcefulness, both because of the extra power and flexibility it affords its users, and also in the ancient origins which permit it to underlie considerably, if not all, of modern innovation.

watch the short video to learn more about why it’s perfectly okay to not to reinvent the wheel

 Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

It’s Productive Not to Reinvent the Wheel too!

reinvent the wheel

Sometimes hard work , determination and pure luck would get you where you want to go, most especially when it comes to doing business online. It also pays not to reinvent the wheel all the time and just stick to tried and tested marketing techniques.

Do not reinvent the wheel on proven marketing and business cliches, no matter what the experts or gurus might say. There’s an idiom that says why fix it if it ain’t broken?

The Power of Perseverance

A lot of endurance and perseverance can go a long long way in your quest to make money online using any marketing technique that you seereinvent the wheel appropriate.

Perseverance can get you going and going and will keep you on track and on your goal. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel this time, just stick to the plan and don’t waver along the way.

Add to that the right mindset and positive attitude to boot, you can’t go wrong with these as long as you are the captain of your ship. Making money online will be an easy goal to accomplished!

So before you reinvent the wheel, do consider these viewpoints and tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.

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