Blogging from Your Smart Phone

Hey folks, great news from Empower Network for all bloggers out there. Now with the release of the blog beast – second generation blogging system (ENV2), blogging has never been easier! Now you can blog all you want using your smart phone anywhere on the road or hotel.

Blog from Using your Smart Phone

Smart Phone to the Rescue

smart phone

Among the best, and the majority of demands for Blog Beast is the capability to make use of a smart phone app that will certainly be able to sync their online blog to smart phones and tablets and still have the ability to utilize the features that are offered on a desktop.

This is where other blogging software applications fall short. They don’t enable individuals to be able to access the same features online and with the smart phone application, which eliminates from user encounter.

Empower Network

When Empower Network first started, they were using the Word Press blogging platform, but gradually it has ended up being too complicated for anyone to be able to personalize and absolutely make it on his own and his smart phone too.

Many of the new system testers also really feel that a rookie would have the ability to personalize and utilize the device with hardly any prior experience needed using his smart phone only.

One of the most asked for functions of Blog Beast is the capacity to use the Mobile App to record video clips and audios and immediately publish them into their blog sites.

Long Awaited Answer


Empower Network heard its participants and added this feature so you can essentially document a video and upload it to your blog with 2 simple clicks via your smart phone. They have actually also included the same feature to ensure that it can be done from a computer system as well, with a couple of simple clicks.

A few of the other new attributes of Empower Network Blog Beast is the capacity to share or re blog another person’s blog post to their own blog site and the system will certainly give credit back to the author.

Blog Beast additionally includes a new proprietary commenting system so that you can share the remarks you receive on your post on your favorite social network with a web link going back to the original blog post just by using your smart phone.

A lot of Options

Another component that was highly asked for by customers of Empower Network was the capability to limit specific blog posts so that only their employee might view the article.get ready

This is a fantastic method to share ideas, methods, and training of employee at various levels in business and keep those that don’t have access to particular programs from seeing or rewarding from the added training for free.

So start using your smart phone now and blog away! Get the blog beast now!

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