When Do You Need to Automate your Business?

As a local business owner, among your most valuable sources is time. When you automate, it could save you precious hours by automating the tasks you do frequently, freeing you up to concentrate on tasks that grow your business.

Automate Your Business Now

Advantages when you Automate


A study from BRW magazine shows that about 70 % of small-medium businesses are still refining most of their data by hand; leading to hours of delayed much sought after tasks like to expand your business or hanging out with family and friends.

So how do you know if you’re one of those 70 % who are wasting precious time manually processing data? And more significantly, just how do you get into the 30 % of businesses who are working successfully and leading their markets when they automate?

Here’s a checklist of indicators that you have to automate your business and also some suggestions on ways to do it.

You are Entering Sales Data into your Accounting Program Manually


Manually entering sales data into your accounting curriculum is not just considerably time consuming, but can be extremely prone to mistakes. It likewise makes your financial advisor hate you as they usually need to spend hours searching for and deal with inconsistencies or openings in the data. If you are still doing this, quit. There is a much better way.

You are Presently Sending out Statements and Chasing after Repayments by hand

Research from RBS Invoice Finance reveals that little to average companies spend typically 130 hours annually chasing payments, and that small businesses schedules more than 30 days than their predetermined payment terms to get money.

If you are still by hand creating & delivering invoices and afterwards chasing after repayments, you are squandering useful time that you could possibly be using to increase your business (or investing with your family members) when you automate.

You Manually Entering Customer Data into your CRM or email advertising and marketing device


CRM devices and Email Marketing Software give a great way to keep normal call with your customers and track your interactions with them, and with the surge of cloud computing this sort of software is now offered at a local business budget.

Nevertheless, if you are spending time by hand inputting or upgrading your customer specifics in these curricula it may not be rewarding, as when you automate.

If you’re making any one of these errors, it’s time to automate your business and get ahead of the competition.need help

Aside from the substantial time savings, when you automate your business in the ways explained above, it can additionally aid you maintain better accounting documents, get paid faster and you’d get more lucrative partnerships with your consumers.

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