Action is the Missing Ingredient

Hi folks! With all the motivation, proper mindset, goal setting and all other self motivational guides online, I figure one key missing ingredient that is important to all of these is action.

Action is sometimes the missing ingredient that will put all of these thoughts into a concrete movement.

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Ready, set, Action

take action nowKeep these handy tips in mind to produce the much needed action.

Really like what you do when you take action

This is the key to the whole thing, really. You have to concentrate on what you like about the whole set up and make the necessary action.

Discover a niche you appreciate, and every day will be an amazing experience.

Establish your objectives and put together a strategy to accomplish them

Research has shown that only 3 % of people write down their objectives and work their lives around those objectives to accomplish them.

This is critical because it can create the distinction between a lifestyle of continuous battle and one loaded with abundance when you take action.

Think of yourself as an “act now” person

action manCreate an image of yourself in your thoughts as an “act now,” take-action kind of guy. Do whatever it requires to stay in that image.

If you think of yourself as an eco-friendly type of guy, you’ll be less likely to litter.

If you think of yourself as a person who doesn’t sit all day and wait for things to occur, you’ll be more likely to take action.

Set up a compensation program for yourself

 Once you complete writing something, treat yourself to a simple invigorating walk or to a fine dining at your preferred cafe.

If you are able to follow the self-marketing or writing routine for 7 days or 30 days, reward yourself by buying something online or going on a much needed vacation.

Be accountable to others

Bond up with someone and keep each other accountable for the routine of accomplishment you’ve planned out for yourselves.

Don’t let things slide just because you are buddies.

Treat them like they’re a customer.get started action

You need to set a deadline to this with the same urgency as with the ones set for actual customers.

Taking action should also be a consistent move on your part if you want to see the fruit of your labor.


Bob Ullman is a recognized leader in the home-based business industry, and has coached many to success. Feel free to check out his business at

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