4 Easy Tips to help you Protect your Bones

protect your bonesTaking good care of your bones is of prime importance if you want to grow old healthy and strong. Aside from exercising, eating healthy foods, taking food supplements, it also pays to protect your bones from any accidents.

Perhaps you want to know about other methods to protect your bone before going on bisphosphonates. Or maybe you already take these medicines, but you want to see what else you can do to

make sure that your bones are as strong and durable as possible.

A health agency for women provided a number of guidelines on how you can protect your bones, reducing the chance of brittle bones. The great thing is that for many women, the response to more powerful and healthy bones may be as simple as a few nutritional drinks, supplements and lifestyle change.

Here are 4 Easy Tips to Help you Protect your Bones

Exercise as often and as much as You Can

Exercising and being active put a lot of healthy pressure and strain on your bones. This effectively triggers the system to develop more healthy bones. Being energetic can protect your bones by helping slow down bone loss, increase muscle strength to support your bones, and improve your balance, reducing the chance of falls that leads to fractures or bone injuries.

Choose to eat Healthy Foods

It is important to always remember that an overall nutritious diet is equally crucial if you want to protect your bones and make them stronger too. Other nutritional value like Calcium, Vitamin K, and Vitamin D are particularly essential, Zinc, magnesium and protein help build sturdy bones too.

Milk contains many of these nutritional values, so do foods like lean meat, fish, and orange. Adding food supplements and nutritious drinks will also do wonders for your mission to help protect your bones.

Get ample amount of Vitamin D everyday

Unknown to many, Vitamin D is important for it effectively allows your body to process the calcium mineral from the meals you eat in order to protect your bones. Moreover, not only do you get vitamin D from your daily eating plan, this vitamin is also created in your epidermis when it is exposed to sunlight — a proven reality that has gained it the name “the sunshine vitamin.”

Fortified dairy is a wealthy resource of vitamin D, as are seafood and egg. As with Calcium, Vitamin D can also be taken as food supplement if necessary.

Get Enough Calcium Everyday

Calcium is one of the essential building blocks of the bones, getting enough of this mineral in your meal is a sure fire hit if you wish to

protect your bones and make them stronger.

Most health professionals recommend that you should strive for food-based resources, such as milk products and green veggies, as much as possible.

Young females up to 18 years of age should aim for 1,300 mg of Calcium everyday — just about the amount you would get out of a cup of fat-free natural yogurt, or several cups of fat free milk and a serving of  tofu with included calcium to help them grow and protect the bones, according to USDA.protect your bones

Women 19-50 need less — at least 1,000 mg per day — but this need goes up again to 1,200 mg in females over 50. For females who can’t get enough calcium in their diet plan, augmenting this with  dietary supplements is also an effective way to help protect your bones.


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