The Power of Now

The Power of Now is also a huge part of the Law of Attraction. It is the idea of keeping your ”NOW” in a positive frame, with a positive attitude.  In short, it is what we can do to make our present better. I believe that we should do things that are fun, that make us feel good, and we should experience those things right now.

For example, I am sitting under a sturdy tree while reading a book, and I feel really relaxed because of the ambiance.

If I have a good feeling and can get into a good feeling place, maybe there will be other good feelings and other good thoughts that come along, based on what we call the Law of Attraction.

As we all know, the Law of Attraction is an important thing because it is all a momentum type of thing. It is when we think of something good, then we have more good thoughts — an aura. Sometimes, if we feel thoughts or happiness for about 15-20 seconds, it’ll attract other thoughts that will make us feel better.

So, this kind of concept is really about having a good time, in a good place — feeling the moment, the good moments that we are having right now.

But sometimes we are not having good thoughts or, shall we say, we are not in a good mood. In order to get the good mood back on track, we need to find places that can relieve some stresses that we are feeling.

Actually, this kind method that we are doing right now can help us. It makes us healthier as the day goes by and as we use this method everyday.

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